After my flight to Taiwan has been cancelled at the last minute, I was blocked in Paris during the lockdown in March.

Day by day, I asked myself how Human Being Skills and Technology brought together could help me telling stories that matter while being confined.

At this time, Taiwan was one of the rare  place in the world to keep a “normal life”. Summer Lin, my assistant in Taiwan would shared with me through video calls some basic daily life moments in Taiwan : People in the transports,  on the streets or even at the beach. I was completely amazed by those moments which became exceptional for us as confined in Europe. I wanted to document this and showed the way new technologies can help us to tell stories.

So I asked Summer Lin, to attach her smartphone on her Canon 70d DSLR. Thanks to this simple set up and video calls, I was able to guide her, to photograph and to interview the People by distance from Paris in Taiwan.  This reportage has been published in Le Monde newspaper.

Jerome Gence-Covid 19: Taiwan Efficency and Serenity against the virus