Livestreamers : Geishas of the Internet

In Asia, some hyper-connected young people earn money by making lonely fans believe in a potential friendship or love.
The best of them can make 500 000 euros a month…and even have their own private island…

The Livestreamers 2018 – © Jerome Gence / Cosmos

jerome gence

Kaoshiung, Taiwan. Lala, 35 years old, famous independent livestreamer. In addition to livestreaming sessions, Lala uses her popularity and image for partnerships with companies, brands, or associations. Here in a room of a love hotel in Kaoshiung. No need to have a computer to be a livestreamer. A smartphone is all you need. Some livestreamers decide to work independently and use their image as a product. But no matter the device, the job is the same : selling unattainable dreams to lonely fans. The Livestreamers 2018 – © Jérôme Gence / Cosmos


Himalayas At Yann Arthus Bertrand Gallery

First photographs. They are about the life of the Himalayan people who I met along my way in remote places of Bhutan, Nepal or China. In 2016, I was invited by Yann Arthus Bertrand  to exhibit the photos in his gallery in Paris

Portrait of Aunshi enjoying a moment of rest in her house. On her knees one of her sons falls asleep. The days are very long for the women of the Himalayas. Their life alternates between working in the fields and taking care of their family.
Nepal, The Himalayas 2015 – © Jérôme Gence


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