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In his talk, Jérôme shares his captivating stories from the New Tech World and also talks about how he pursues his passion while continuing to work as a Data Analyst for global brands.


National Geographic:Storytellers Summit 2020

Discover the talk of Jerome at the National Geographic Storytellers Summit 2020.


Virtual Singers:I Love a Hologram

Virtual Singers: I Love a Hologram - 2019 © Jerome Gence
Text and photos on request

Jerome Gence

Livestreamers:Geishas of the Internet

In Asia, some hyper-connected young people earn money by making lonely fans believe in a potential friendship or love.
 The best of them can make 500 000 euros a month…and even have their own private island…Read more


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Jerome is one of the new Canon Ambassadors. In 2020, a raft of new Ambassadors joins the ranks of specially selected image makers who spearhead change and share Canon's passion for visual storytelling. Bold and inspirational, the Canon EMEA Ambassador Programme represents and supports current and future generations of photographers and filmmakers.

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