A survey conducted in 2019 reported that up to 60% of office workers and executives were bored at work. The subject of boredom at the workplace may be taboo, but the risk is real, and the prevalence is twice as high with Millennials than with Baby Boomers.

This report is about the way new technologies can change working practices, so set off to Bali, a favorite destination for young westerners hoping to find fulfilment by working at a distance. There the digital nomads in coworking spaces explained why Bali, the “island of the gods” had become “Silicon Bali.” Whatever their work, as web developer, web designer or community manager, a few hours of telework can see them achieve the goal that is increasingly inaccessible in western countries, i.e. to have economic independence, to be part of a community and to be able to enjoy the present in a world where the future is so uncertain.