In Dali, farmers and fishermen have created a new business to entertain the tourists from the cities: the SelfieCulture. The market has a big potential: every year, nearly 40 millions of tourists phones come to visit the area…

The concept of SelfieCulture is simple: for 10 yuans the fee entrance (1.3 euros), farmers and fishermen open their gardens, fields and houses to the Chinese tourists for making selfies.

At first sight, SelfieCulture concept seems to delight everyone: it gives a chance to the tourists to discover a rural world far from the effervescence of the big cities. For the fishermen and farmers, this new business brings additional incomes which help to balance the fall of the retail price of their harvests.

Is the SelfieCulture finally the best way to bring back Chinese and Environment together? What does the enthusiasm of tourists for these Selfies farms reveals? Do they chase now a better quality of life or just a new background for their selfies?

Anyway, in Dali, farmers who grow the selfies don’t pray for the rain anymore. Now, they dread it.